Massmart is a managed portfolio of four divisions, each focused on high-volume, low-margin, low-cost distribution of mainly branded  consumer goods for cash, through 392 stores in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

array(1) {
  array(3) {
    string(2) "
    string(3) "MSM"
    array(35) {
      string(10) "24-09-2018"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(8) "00:00:00"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(5) "10270"
      string(3) "MSM"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(6) "339.00"
      string(5) "68.00"
      string(6) "271.00"
      string(4) "3.30"
      string(6) "627.80"
      string(4) "6.11"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(5) "17848"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(5) "10004"
      string(10) "21/09/2018"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(8) "00:00:00"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(5) "16.36"
      string(4) "0.00"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(2) "12"
      string(4) "QBRO"
      string(8) "MASSMART"
      string(5) "10270"
      string(8) "05:31:26"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(3) "N/A"
      string(3) "N/A"

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