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Climate Change and the Environment


Smart approach to electronic waste disposal

Rapidly rising volumes of electronic waste (e-waste) present a growing environmental concern both locally and globally. E-waste which includes consumer items such as mobile phones, IT equipment (eg. computers, laptops,…

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Makro enery saving journey

Makro’s efforts to reduce electricity consumption date back to our 1998 awareness campaign to “switch the lights off”. Here is a summary of some of the progress we have made…

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Massmart Environmental Training

Massmart is committed to minimizing it’s environmental footprint and managing environmental risk, whilst simultaneously enabling sustainable supply and consumerism through supply chain engagement and responsible sourcing. Our employees play a…

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Builders Warehouse brings eco-friendly technologies to light (April 2013)

As a leader in the home DIY industry, Builders Warehouse believes that it has a responsibility to offer its customers the latest eco-friendly technologies to help make South African households…

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Massmart develops a sustainable seafood sourcing policy (November 2012)

To help promote greater accountability and environmental sensitivity in the seafood supply chain, Massmart has developed a structured supplier advocacy process. This process was initiated in 2012 and has enabled…

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Packaging rationalisation a key focus for Massmart (October 2012)

Waste minimisation is an important part of Massmart’s sustainability goals. Packaging rationalisation, which focuses on optimising packaging, presents an opportunity to not only improve product safety, but also reduce costs…

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Massmart’s water-harvesting strategies (August 2012)

South Africa is among the 30 driest nations in the world. With a growing population of citizens and burgeoning demand for food and living facilities, water has become a precious…

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New DC will take 4 000 trucks off South African roads (November 2011)

Massdiscounters, the operating division of Massmart that runs Game and DionWired stores, is expanding its distribution network. The retail chain built two new distribution centres (DCs) over the past three…

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Massmart measures its 2011 energy efficiency (November 2011)

Massmart is constantly working to improve the quality of its energy consumption data. With better quality data, more impactful projects and interventions can be developed to reduce consumption overall.

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Making saving the planet and saving money easier (November 2011)

Massmart encourages its chains to promote environmentally responsible products. This is a summary of some recent product promotions aligned to this objective.

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Profiling supplier environmental awareness – what have we learned? (November 2011)

Massmart recognises the effect its operations have on the environment and understands that the biggest impact that the group can have is through supplier advocacy. In an effort to advocate…

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Builders Warehouse makes saving the planet and saving money easy (October 2010)

As the world’s natural resources edge closer to depletion, going green has gone from a lifestyle choice to the only sensible response to a critical situation. With consumers also starting…

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Builders Warehouse encourages recycling (October 2010)

In a drive to deliver end-to-end environmental awareness, Builders Warehouse is piloting new in-store recycling bins. Rollout is planned for end-October, so soon all Builders Warehouse, Builders Express and Builders…

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Green from the ground up (October 2010)

Makro stores are large retail cash and carry outlets that are big on value, but low on frills. Massmart’s Masswarehouse division runs 13 Makro stores in South Africa and each…

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Game’s new warehouse can reduce paperwork from 32-thousand orders to just 550 per week (July 2010)

Massmart’s Massdiscounters division has been successfully running its Cape Town Regional Distribution Centre for around 18 months. The division is now gearing up to open a massive 70 000m2 facility…

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Massmart measures its energy efficiency (August 2009)

Most South Africans and possibly most people in developed and developing societies are becoming aware that the supply of energy from natural resources is increasingly limited and more expensive, both…

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Massbuild installs rainwater-harvesting tanks to grow plants in its nurseries (April 2009)

South Africa is among the 30 driest nations in the world. With a growing population of citizens and burgeoning demand for food and living facilities, water is fast becoming an…

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Makro partners with Fujitsu on e-waste disposal programme (October 2008)

In partnership with Fujitsu Siemens, Makro runs an e-waste disposal project at 11 of its stores across South Africa. Extra large recycling bins located in the chain’s stores’ parking areas…

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Massmart Measures Carbon Footprint (July 2008)

Massmart’s environmental policy recognises the link between greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. The group also recognises that its retail distribution activities have an impact on the environment. That’s why…

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New eco-wise Brand Developed (July 2008)

Encouraging the sale of more environmentally friendly items through Massmart stores is an important goal for the group. Advocating responsible consumerism requires availability of suitable products and a solid plan…

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